It is quite a pain to set up GRAILS_HOME each time when you use different Grails versions and I already wrote a post about it with very simple bash script to help.

However script was oversimplified and so not working in many corner cases. After my post Yuri has come up with his version of script for Windows, using .BAT file.
Yuri’s version was more complicated and took corner cases into account.

When I have found some time to educate myself about bash, I wrote enhanced version of my script. Its usage follows additional functionality of Windows version.

Its usage is simple, there are such scenarios:

1. Run script in Grails project root directory. In such case it parses file and launches appropriate version of Grails.

Example: grails run-app

2. Run script anywhere with explicitly specified Grails version. It is needed for some tasks like grails upgrade or grails create-app. This just needs to pass version in parameter like -ver:1.3.1.

Example: grails create-app -ver:1.3.1

As in older version, to use the aforementioned script you need to set GRAILS_PREFIX variable to a value appropriate for your system. And of course your Grails distributions should be installed side-by-side in one common folder.
For example I have it set to /home/vg/tools/grails- on my Linux box.

The script itself:


# Check if GRAILS_PREFIX is set
if [ -z $GRAILS_PREFIX ]; then
    echo "You must define environment variable GRAILS_PREFIX before running Automatic Grails Version Selector"
    exit 1

# Define script params array
declare -a PARAMS

# Process script parameters
for PARAM in $*; do
    if [ ${PARAM:0:5} == "-ver:" ]; then
        # Extract version from -ver parameter
        # Add parameter to array, so that it is passed to original script
        PARAMS=( "${PARAMS[@]}" "$PARAM" )

# If version to use is not specified, try to detect it
if [ -z $GRAILS_VERSION ]; then
    # Check if file exists
    if [ -e ]; then
        # Get required Grails version
        # Note that CR characters are removed at first
        GRAILS_VERSION=`tr -d '\015' < | sed -n 's/app.grails.version=\(.*\)$/\1/p'`
        echo "Current directory doesn't represent existing Grails project, specify version as -ver:1.3.1"
        exit 1

# Set Grails home using configured prefix and determined version

# Check if GRAILS_HOME directory exists
if [ -d  $GRAILS_HOME ]; then
    # Run original Grails script
    $GRAILS_HOME/bin/grails ${PARAMS[@]}
    echo Grails home directory for this project does not exist: $GRAILS_HOME
    echo The current project might have updated to a newer Grails version.
    echo Make sure you have downloaded and installed the version of Grails required: $GRAILS_VERSION
    exit 1

Note that the script doesn’t have the default Grails version for the case when not launched in Grails project root. Adding such configuration parameter is left as an exercise to reader :)

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